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If you sense that your life is stuck.  If your time spent seems more in working through the fog than moving towards a clear future.  If the relationship or job has more friction points than opportunities, then Life Coaching is worth the free conversation. 


Joel provides a safe time for looking into these kinds of life situations. 
Joel draws from wisdom and tools to help you explore and discover where you are stuck or in a type of fog. Joel uses proven reflective inquiry coaching into the times of uncertainty, so you can find your way out. 


You will be able to see life’s challenges from different views.  You will look inside and find room for laughter, reflection, raw honesty, and pivotal insights to choose a different course.  Take the first step moving away from being STUCK or ENTANGLED. 


Click the link for starting your next steps forward to excel in life for a fulfilling future. Couple's Coaching and Relational Workshops are also available - Click the link below!

If you have decided to get married and would like to have come coaching assistance for helping you with this wonderful step forward. Joel offers proven assistance for taking the next step forward of commitment and trust.

Individual Life Coach - $60

Couples Life Coach - $110

4-Session Individual - $195

4-Session Couples - $400

Pre-Marital Coaching - $125


Churches & Pastors spend a lot of their time seeking to maintain while only dreaming of what's ahead.  Churches & Pastors struggle with leadership changes every week and future plans every few years. Churches & Pastors face challenges of culture, ministry context, ministry alignment, and constant change.


Joel knows these types of challenges well and has different coaching modules for Churches & Pastors that help them discover and choose what ministry aspects they need to address in order to move forward. 

These modules are guidance rather than programs to be followed. 
These modules begin with a focus on where to start within the coaching. 
Then during the sessions discover what really needs to be addressed in order to move the ministry ahead. 


You will not want to miss the next steps in changing from maintaining your ministry to moving it forward.  Click the button below for choosing the coaching that is best for you with Joel for stepping forward into a bigger future.

Individual Pastor Coaching - $85

4-Session Pastor Coaching - $315

12 Pastor Sessions 1x/mo. - $840

Church Coaching starts at - $500/mo.

Casual Business Meeting


Loyal and long-term employees are a business' greatest asset.  Every 3-6 months an employee goes through a life or work transition or questions his or her value in the work.  If an employee leaves a business it can cost several thousand dollars to find a replacement, go through orientation, and then get that person up to speed with where things should be functioning towards profitability.

Joel can come alongside a business by coaching the person who is facing these challenges and considering walking away from their job.  If a business contacts Joel before the situation becomes inevitable, then 4-5 coaching sessions can address the personal issues and dynamics occurring in life before the exit of a good employee.  Joel helps employees take simple next steps forward to changing outlook and responsibilities.  Before the employee walks away, before HR simply adds another sheet leading to dismissal into a folder, and before one of your business teams loses creative effectiveness and lean manufacturing. 


Why wait another day, Book your coaching sessions with Joel, and discover how together we can help you and your employees stay the course!

4-Session Manager Coaching - $600

6 mo. Manager Sessions - $815

4-Session Employee Coaching - $500

6 mo. Employee Sessions - $675

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