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which includes any personal blind spots, aspects of self-awareness, or situational tensions that keeps you from being who you are and were meant to be in all circumstances. Second, that in your discovery, you can then move forward in exploring why you cannot confidently be response-able in bringing life and fulness into your immediate or distant future. As a Coach, I'm here to walk alongside you on your journey and help you see things that will open the way for you to take then next steps in moving forward.

So what is Coaching?

Many people claim these days to be "coaches". So let's make sure you understand what I do in "walking alongside or being with you" on your journey. I'm not here to "fix" you or give the the "right" answer. This is what I do with you in Coaching:

I help you explore and discover the Setting, Challenges, Processes, and Practices where change and issues have blocked or hindered your effectiveness so that you can discern and make timely choices for taking the next steps forward into a more fulfilling future.

I do this in three deliberate ways:

1. As a Thinking Partner: I listen, assess with you and guide you to look beyond the obvious so that you can Be Present Aware

2. As a Discerning Strategic Guide: I use responsive inquiry to discern with you and then encourage you in developing so that you are Be Better Prepared for the Future.

3. As a Resource Developer: I research with you and develop tools for improving your thinking, skills, and processes so you can continue taking the next steps forward in Being Better Equipped.


To walk alongside your life's journey

so you can

see beyond the obvious

discern what is holding you back

and take the Next Step Forward


Developing within people and teams

the thinking, practices, and skills

for discovering new heights and steps

into a fullness of life and

a better future!

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